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Hair Extensions

Are you looking to do something different with our hair for a special occasion? Do you want to trade in the short hair for something a little longer? Whether you’re looking for semi-permanent or permanent additions to your hair, Artistic Hair & Nails Inc is the area’s first choice for high-quality hair extensions. At our salon, we take pride in our approach to hair extension application. We extend our services to individuals with all hair types, ensuring everyone gets the service they deserve. Whether you have short, silky hair, or are looking for sew-in extensions, we have what you need.

Book a hair extension session in our salon at your leisure by calling (954) 771-6245 now.

Get Your Hair Extensions Here

We all want to make a change every once in a while. While some changes might be hard to initiate, reinventing your hairstyle is as easy as calling the experts at Artistic Hair & Nails Inc. Our salon is the place to visit when you want to modify, update, or touch up your existing hairstyle with top-quality extensions and expert applications.

Where do the people in our community turn when they want to get the most out of their hair extensions? They come to us—and with good reason.

Specializing in All Hair Extensions

As any salon-goer knows, many hair extension options are available to any client. The hair extensions you’ll need can vary widely, depending on how long you want to wear the extensions, the type of hair volume you would like to achieve, and more.

Some of the extensions we apply and offer in our salon include:

  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Bonded hair extensions
  • Halo hair extensions
  • …and much more

Do you have questions about sew-in hair extensions? Are you unsure which extensions might be best for your high-volume, kinky hair? We have many extension options available to those seeking to add to their natural hair in a new and exciting style. All you need is the right hairstylist by your side during the search.

Style Your Hair Your Way

Do you want to add an extra dash of color to your hair? Do you want to trade in the dark locks for something a little lighter? Hair extensions can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted without damaging your natural hair or having to wait months and months for it to grow.

Hair extensions are more than just a way to lengthen hair—they can hide split ends, add color, and give your hair all the volume you could ever want. If you want to reap all the incredible benefits of your desired hair extensions, book an appointment to visit our salon. Our stylists have experience working with hair types of all varieties, and they’re always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our clients.

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Hair Extension Salon Now

At Artistic Hair & Nails Inc, we take the hair goals of every client seriously, putting all our resources to work on achieving the look and length you want. Your hair is an integral part of your style and confidence, and we’re here to elevate it to a new level.

Call (954) 771-6245 now to schedule a session in a chair with a trained stylist. We can’t wait to see you!